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3 Mind blowing facts about the movie Coraline

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

My post today is going to be all about things you probably didn't know about Coraline, so make sure you grab some popcorn.

The Blue Color of Mr. Bobinsky:

The man we all know and love, also known as Mr. B, has one thing in common- he's blue. I know, it's weird, right? There's an explanation for his odd color. In addition to his accent, Mr. B wears a medal that indicates that he is from Russia. He wears the same medal in both worlds.

The Chornobyl Nuclear Disaster cleanup crew receives this medal. Things are starting to make sense now, aren't they? That's what I hope. During the Chornobyl disaster, two people died within the facility and about 20 more died of cancer-related issues.

The radiation that was let out during the disaster had harmful effects, and since Mr. B was part of the clean-up crew, he had turned this sad shade of blue from being exposed to radiation.

Wybie's Truth:

Wybie, also known as Wyborne Lovat, is introduced at the beginning of this movie. As a result, Wybie was labeled the "Village Stalker" by Coraline, who earlier had also contorted his name into "Why were you born?

In any case, Wybie always seemed to be around, didn't he? Here's why. Wybie was a write-in candidate. What do you mean?

Yes, I understand. Wybie did not appear in the original Coraline book. Due to the difficulty of reading a character's mind, Wybie was put in the movie for Coraline to speak with.

The Doll in the Introduction Scene:

The movie opens with a creepy scene of creepy hands made out of needles (which we will later learn are the other mother's hands that she had replaced because she was deteriorating without souls to live on), she retrieves a doll from a window, and she seems to be floating to her (we will get to that later). Does this doll look familiar to you?

Wybie's Grandma's missing sister is actually one of the ghost children. As she had done with Coraline, she used this doll on her as well. Having lured her in, she went on to take their eyes (souls). As soon as the doll was changed into Coraline, it was put back through the window in its original state.

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