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The Chieftain.

Sreekanth Boyapati always loved comic stories and characters as a child. He dreamed of one day being able to create his own characters and share them with the world. When he learned about the AVG industry, he knew that was what he wanted to do. He started out by working for a Visual Effects company, where he developed a strong passion for creating engaging experiences for users.

Today! looking back in time he finds beautiful stories and amazing storytellers to realize 20 years have passed in a jiffy. He continues to support creators create amazing experiences that engage and entertains users all around the world through Bob Pictures”.


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Sreekanth Boyapati

Our Perspective

In the 21st century Visual Effects (VFX), Animation, and Gaming are some of the most important and lucrative industries around, and demand professionals and companies that are creative, have the know-how of the latest tools, and provide on-time delivery with a high-quality and streamlined process.


But it takes more than that to create stunning visuals.

Digital art animation
Image by Road Trip with Raj



Value System

With over 50 years of experience in the leadership team, Bob Pictures commits to delivering high-quality output on time.   

Compounding with experience, values are what we stand out for. 

  • Accountability

  • Resilience 

  • Collaborative Mindset

  • Passion for Customer 

Meet The Tribe

Mounica Boyapati

Mounica Boyapati

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Chief Operating Officer

Rajeev Sahu

Rajeev Sahu

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Head of Creative

Srikkanth Konatham

Srikkanth Konatham

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Director of Sales & Marketing

Vijay Chukkapalli.png

Vijay Chukkapalli

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VFX Supervisor

"Imaginatio habet claustra", Latin for "Imagination has no barriers ".

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