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Tangled: The Most Expensive Animated Film Ever

It's been 10 years since Disney released Tangled, their 50th animated feature film. The movie was a massive success, grossing $591 million at the worldwide box office. Adjusted for inflation, that's the equivalent of $640 million today. But what many people don't know is that Tangled was also the most expensive animated film ever made, costing a whopping $260 million to produce.

Part of the reason Tangled was so expensive to make was that it was the first Disney animated feature to be completely rendered in 3D. Up until that point, all of Disney's animated films had been either hand-drawn or a mix of hand-drawn and CGI. The switch to 3D meant that each frame of the film contained nearly 100 million pixels, which required much more processing power and resulted in much higher production costs.

Another factor that contributed to the high cost of Tangled was its length. At 103 minutes, it was the longest Disney animated feature since Tarzan (1999), which clocked in at 88 minutes. The extra running time meant that the movie had to be jam-packed with action and adventure to keep audiences engaged, which made it even more costly to produce.

The final factor that made Tangled so expensive was its setting. Unlike most Disney animated films which are set in either medieval Europe or contemporary America, Tangled is set in a fictional kingdom called Corona which includes a bustling city, a dense forest, and a castle complete with towering spires and guards. This required the production team to come up with entirely new designs and concepts, which added even more to the film's hefty price tag.

While Tangled may have been the most expensive Disney animated film ever made at the time of its release, it was also one of the most successful. Thanks to its gorgeous animation, engaging story, and lovable characters, Tangled went on to become one of Disney's most beloved films. And despite its high cost, Tangled ultimately proved to be a wise investment for Disney; 10 years later, it remains just as popular as ever with both young and old fans alike.


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