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From Buzz Lightyear to Lunar Larry, Toy Story has it all

Toy Story (1995) continues to be one of Pixar Animation's most successful franchises. When the film was released in theatres, it provided millennials and children born in the 1990s with an experience unlike any other. Toy Story spawned three more films following its universally positive reception: Toy Story 2, 3, and 4.

Toy Story's popularity stems from its unique adventurous concept, which drew children from all over the world. Its likable characters were a huge hit with younger viewers, and its occasional adult humor ensured that there was something for everyone.

Sheriff Woody, the main protagonist of Toy Story, was voiced by renowned actor Tom Hanks. Despite the fact that Woody was billed as the main character, it is safe to say that Buzz Lightyear is Toy Story's shining star. Buzz, voiced by Tim Allen, is a space ranger toy that Andy received from his mother for Christmas.

Toy Story revolves around Woody being dethroned as Andy's favorite toy and feeling insecure when Buzz arrives. As a result, Woody plans to sabotage Buzz's "playtime" with Andy by selfishly disposing of him and reclaiming the spotlight and attention.

They change over time, as do most initial design concepts. What many Disney fans are unaware of is that Buzz Lightyear was originally known as "Lunar Larry," and his early sketches are almost unrecognizable from the Toy Story fan favorite that audiences have come to know and love. Although Lunar Larry doesn't have the same ring to it as Buzz Lightyear, early sketches are fascinating reminders of how far the Buzz Lightyear development has progressed.

As seen in early designs (shown above), Lunar Larry wears the "LL" insignia on his spacesuit, demonstrating the complete redesign of Buzz Lightyear's entire concept – including the name – to give life to the image that Disney eventually agreed upon. Other vastly different appearances were considered for the character alongside many sketches that slowly amounted to the final rendition of the loveable space ranger. As the images progressed, the character began to resemble the irreplaceable Buzz Lightyear.

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